At Lavalia, we like to keep things in the family, literally. We’re a mother-daughter-sister team. We came up with the word Lavalia by combining our names together. We like how it signifies the deep bond we have as a family, which was what motivated us to start this business. The fact that we love spending time together and are equally passionate about fashion made this collaboration a no-brainer.

Our mother’s been a fashion designer for the past 40 years, so we grew up in the midst of fabric swatches, paper patterns and sewing machines. In the early days of her fashion brand (back in the 80s), she designed, sourced materials and made samples all on her own. She is one super woman. It wasn’t long till her hard work paid off and she sold her designs to New York, Paris and Milan.

In 2011, we decided to venture into Lingerie and created InvisiBra, the stick on bra that allows woman to go backless without compromising the lift and support of a bra.

This year, we launch our ready to wear collection. Our mission is to make woman feel comfortable in their own skins. We’re so lucky that in this day and age, women are more empowered than ever before. We are no longer subjected to the stereotypes of yesteryears and we want to encourage woman to embrace all that make them unique: their intellect, compassion but also sensuality and femininity. These days, women juggle so many roles and with every role comes a different set of wardrobe demands. Lavalia is about style, being bold but above all, it’s about having fun. We design our clothes to be worn inside and out, taking you from the comforts of your home by day to sipping martinis at a lounge by night. From sexy lingerie to lounge wear to party dresses, we’ve got you covered.

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