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  1. Place one panel on each shoulder.
  2. Tie a knot on each panel by looping the fabric on itself.
  3. Position the knots just below the shoulder.
  4. Pull the knot taut to create a smooth front.
  5. Bring the panels to the back and twist each panel. Cross the panels to form a “X”.
  6. Bring the panels to the front of the body. Cross the panels, stretching the panel from the left waist to right, and the right panel to left.
  7. Now swap over the panels, turning the panels anti clockwise to create a buckle, hooking the 2 panels together. You now have 2 “U” shapes on its side. Position the buckle so that it hides the waist seam.
  8. Bring the panels to the back. Tie to secure.


  1. Place each panel on the shoulders.
  2. Roll the outer edge inward, to create a twist.
  3. Continue to roll the panels at the back
  4. Cross the panels to create a “X”.
  5. Keep Twisting Down
  6. Bring the panels to the front and cross over the panels.
  7. Bring the panels to the back and tie a knot to secure.

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