The word Lavalia is an anagram of three names: Larissa, Vanessa and Lucylia. We are a family of a mother and two daughters. We started Lavalia 14 years ago and had a bridal shop at Knightsbridge in London. In 2011 we brought together our vision of backless lingerie, launching InvisiBra as a premium stick on bra. Larissa’s wedding in 2015 was a catalyst for the Lavalia multiway dresses. Unsatisfied with the selection of dresses offered on the high street, we set out to tailor make the dresses for her bridesmaids. It was during this journey that inspired us to start designing and developing multiway dresses. Our focus is on offering quality at reasonable prices as well as the greatest variety of colour. Weddings are expensive and when you have several bridesmaids, the cost of dresses can really add up. The Lavalia multiway dress is a great solution. Whether you’re purchasing this for your bridesmaids or to wear yourself to a party, the versatility of the dress means that you’re essentially getting minimum16 dresses and more for the price of one. Tie it a different way, and you can wear it to another event as if it were a completely different dress. This does away with the “wear once” scenario. Our motto is “A good fashion piece lasts a lifetime”.

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