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1. Position the panels on each shoulder. Locate the spots that mark the top of the breasts. Hold the fabric firmly down while moving the fabric panels off the shoulder to the side.
2. Stretch the left fabric all the way round the back to the right waist. Do the same on the right.
3. With the one hand holding the panel (P2) at the left waist, stretch the other panel (P1) from the right waist to crossover diagonally to the top of the left breast. Hold this down firmly.
4. Bring the other panel (P2) diagonally across to the other breast, lifting out the other panel (P1) so that it is not covered. Hold down P2 at the top of the right breast and stretch the fabric so that it is tight.
5. Bring P1 to the back, round to the right waist. Bring P2 to the back and round to the left waist.
6. Bring both panels to the front, and tie a knot at the side of the waist to secure.

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